Social Palava

Case Study : A blogger in Ghana

PLATFORM: Pinterest

CLIENT TYPE: A blogger in Ghana

ISSUE: The client wants to improve engagement on her website in Accrs, Ghana using Pinterest


Pinterest is a large and growing visual search engine with about 433 million monthly active users. Pinterest was designed to push people onto or promote other platforms, unlike other social media platforms like Facebook, instagram, twitter that requires its users stay continuously on their platform. Thus, Pinterest is a good platform to leverage on for growing one’s business or promoting services. Therefore, to improve our client’s website engagement, we will employ the following steps.

STEP 1: We will create a professional account for our client on Pinterest if the client does not have an account already. We will ensure that the client’s Pinterest bio is well defined and organized because this is what determines if the social account will have many people going to it and possibly following the account or not. We will also add a profile photo that best represents our client’s business or blog.

STEP 2: If the client has an account before, using our analytics tools, we will then analyse the previous pins that the client had posted to see the level of user engangement and to decipher the pins that had the most traffic and the ones that did not. We can then repost those pins that had the most traffic on the client’s profile again. Keeping in mind that Pinterest encourages the creation of new contents, we will then create new pins, either image or video pins, for the client showcasing the contents of the website because the more fresh content that is created on the platform, the more the client’s account will grow and the more traffic that will be generated to the client’s website since every pin will lead people to the website.

STEP 3: We can also verify the client’s website by adding the code snippet provided by Pinterest to the website. Verifying a website gives the client access to analytics for the website on Pinterest and also gives the client the privilege to turn on the rich pins feature that shares mor information about your link to other people.

We can also use the Blog’s RSS feed to post pins from the blog at various intervals on the client’s board so as to keep the client’s audience engaged and create more traffic on the client’s blog site.