Social Palava

Case Study : Home delivery for home consumables

PLATFORM: Facebook

CLIENT TYPE: Home delivery for home consumables based in Lagos.

ISSUE: They have low engagements from clients due to inactive/poor communication with clients


Our first step will be to inquire from them if they have an existing Facebook page. Their feedback will inform us if we are to create a new page or improve on their existing page. Understanding and acknowledging that Facebook is one of the top and most popular social media platform with over 3 billion users worldwide (including individuals and businesses).

If they are yet to create a page, we will assist them in creating a high priority business page.  A Facebook page is a great marketing tool for new businesses, because it allows them create and express their unique identity by listing their product offerings or services, through sharing posts, links, images & videos. This will give a better sense of business’s personality and character.

Upon setting-up the pages, we will review other related pages of their competitors and strategize on how to outperform them especially in the area of content development. We will also be consistent with our outreach.

We will adopt Facebook analytics to measure our performances. Other tactics that we will use to draw attention to our channel will be constant giveaways and quizzes.