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Case Study : Logistic Company in Nigeria

PLATFORM: Google My Business

CLIENT TYPE: Logistic Company in Nigeria

ISSUE: Client wants to create an online presence


In a populated country like Nigeria, it is important to know that creating online presence is undisputedly the best marketing form in this century. It is obvious that the client wants to drive his business forward using google my business to alert and create awareness for potential customers about the company, the business location and how to reach out to immediately to them.

Firstly, our company will make sure that the client’s business is registered with CAC before anything can be done, then gets the location of the business and the registered contact number so as to incorporate it and deliver a good information to the public.

Then, the company makes use of SEO to make important and closely-related words to make the company easier to be seen when searched. It should be noted that majority of Nigerians just go online, search for the nearest company and place an order to be delivered. Hence, it becomes profitable for our client to be seen on google my business since it will promote their presence and increase their turnover rate