Social Palava

Case Study : Textile Dealer, Lagos Island

PLATFORM: Instagram

CLIENT TYPE: Textile Dealer, Lagos Island

ISSUE: Client needs to create awareness on Instagram about their brand in Lagos Island, Lagos to boost their sales.


We will Create an account initially, followed by a “Business Page” (if they don’t already have one), for the textile selling company. For new businesses, an Instagram page is an excellent marketing tool since it enables them to express their own identities by displaying their product or service offers and by sharing posts, links, photographs, and videos. This will help to better convey the personality and character of the firm.

The “About” part of the textile dealer’s Instagram page will be optimized so that it is as clear as possible about what the company does and serves as the first point of contact for potential customers. To persuade visitors to Like or Follow our Page or our business, we will provide a succinct yet descriptive overview.

After that, we will sample at least 5 of the direct market leaders in the textile business. Thereafter, we will thoroughly investigate each of the business Instagram pages, posting schedule, type of posts, and customer interaction rate. We will then examine their other social platforms to come up with much better ways/strategies to compete with what they are presently doing.

Given the nature of this business, party rockers and especially females will be our target market (17 and above). Therefore, we will leverage instagram Ads to promote specific posts for the business. Such posts will include a headline, an image, and a click-through link to their business’ website. We will rely majorly on Instagram Ads for increasing likes or driving website clicks – once the business page is followed, all posts will appear on the followers’ news feed.

We will adopt Instagram analytics for:

  • Demographic targeting by Instagram user data on age, location, education, and interests.
  • The ability to set ad budgets.
  • Built-in ad performancemeasurement tools.
  • The ability to advertise for specific particular area/business location (Lagos).

Other tactics that we will use to draw attention to our channel will be:

Scheduled Contests, Quizzes or Puzzles with Prizes for Winners – Psychologically, people are lured to difficulties, tests, and rewards. We will set out a specific day or days during the week to host these contests for followers. The majority of the contest’s topics would be related to business, industry, the nation, or simply current events. This would increase the Instagram page’s views, likes, and followers.

Instagram Stories – Instagram Stories are vertically posted images or brief videos that vanish after 24 hours. Videos can last up to 20 seconds and photos can only be viewed for five seconds. They are always at the top of the News Feed — which means they’re immune to the Instagram algorithm. Statistics reveals that more than half a billion people view Instagram Stories every day. Although, this strategy isn’t lasting as it may be here today and gone tomorrow… but it will certainly give an intriguing sneak peek of our client’s content (products & services) in the meantime and leave a lasting impression.