Social Palava

Case Study : Traveling agency in Lagos


CLIENT TYPE: Traveling agency in Lagos

ISSUE: They have poor social media presence & unrecognized brand


Twitter is also one of the top tier social platforms in the world – They are content driven and can reach out to a wide range of customers.

Our first step will be a review their twitter page and their activeness on the platform.

Improve their content quality and endeavour to retweet contents that tends to attract engagements online. Post and schedule quality content on adventures and use hashtags and continually be in the faces of their audience via constant scheduling and proper delivery time.

We will also use the content curation feature to prepare customized contents to clients.

Lastly, we will use the client management feature on SocialOath to profile clients and send customized messages/marketing messages to their inbox.

We will also engage our analytics too to monitor our progress, clicks and client’s engagement.

 Our team of social media geeks will be focused on collecting feedbacks, comments or reviews to improve our services and to deliver quick support to our customers. 

While focusing building the follower count. We will apply for the verification of the Traveling agency account on Twitter, getting the blue tick to show the brand as a trustworthy and authenticated business partner on Twitter. People tend to trust verified accounts then unverified